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Atomy Business Plan

Compensation Plan
The Well-Balanced, Righteous Compensation Plan shows 
the Company’s Vision for Success of All Atomy Members.


  • Atomy members are classified into 5 different types of dealership, according to the total purchased volume
    and commission level received from the company.

Class Sequence and Conditions

General Commission: 44% of entire sales PV will be distributed between qualified members every week according to the rates. Individuals must first accumulate at least 10,000 PV in order to accumulate downline PVs.

DealershipSales RepAgentSpecial AgentDealerE.DE.DE.DE.D
Daily Performance (smaller group)ACC ≥ 300,000 PVACC ≥ 300,000 PV≥ 700,000 PV≥ 1,500,000 PV≥ 2,400,000 PV≥ 6,000,000 PV≥ 20,000,000 PV≥ 50,000,000 PV

Masters’ Bonus: 20% of entire sales PV will be distributed according to mastership.

MastershipPrerequisiteRate of Masters’ Bonus
Sales MasterSpecial Agent with a minimum of 2.5 million Group PV under each leg.
If the total PV of the smaller leg exceeds 300,000 PV, personal PV acquired during the point accumulation period can be added to the smaller leg to achieve Mastership.
10% of total PV distributed equally to Sales Masters
Diamond MasterDealer with minimum 2 Sales Masters under each leg5% of total PV distributed equally to Diamond Masters and higher Masterships
Sharon-Rose MasterE.D. with minimum 2 Diamond Masters under each leg2% of total PV distributed equally to Sharon-Rose Masters and higher Masterships
Star MasterE.D. with minimum 2 Sharon-Rose Masters under each leg1.2% of total PV distributed equally to Star Masters and higher Masterships
Royal MasterE.D. with minimum 2 Star Masters under each leg1% of total PV distributed equally to Royal Masters and higher Masterships
Crown MasterE.D. with minimum 2 Royal Masters under each leg0.5% of total PV distributed equally to Crown Masters and higher Masterships
Imperial MasterE.D. with minimum 2 Crown Masters under each leg0.3% of total PV distributed equally to Imperial Masters

Masters’ Bonus will be paid every 7th day after the point accumulation period.

Point accumulation period: 1st – 15th, 16th – end of month.

Terms of Promotion

Sales Master,
Diamond Master,
Sharon-Rose Master
No restrictions on promotion.1. No conditions for continuous position maintenance.
2. Unlimited Timeline (only with valid membership statue)
3. Promotion of two levels in one entry is not permitted beyond Diamond Master level.
Star Master,
Royal Master,
Crown Master,
Imperial Master
Must achieve previous Mastership 3 times before being promoted onto the next Mastership level

Mastership Promotion & Incentives

Sales MasterHemoHIM (1 Set), Atomy Skin Care 6 System (1 Set), Atomy Evening Care (1 Set)
Diamond MasterLaptop Computer or Tablet, HemoHIM (1 Set), Atomy Skin Care 6 System (1 Set), Atomy Evening Care (1 Set)
Sharon-Rose Master*$2,000 Cash, 2 Travel Tickets
Star Master*$10,000 Cash, 4 Travel Tickets
Royal Master*$50,000 Cash, *$2,000 per month for sponsorship activities, Car rental fee, 4 Travel tickets (10 nights & 11 days)
Crown Master*$300,000 Cash, *$5,000 per month for sponsorship activities, a Luxury car, 4 Travel tickets (10 nights & 11 days)
Imperial Master*$1 Million Cash, *$10,000 per month for sponsorship activities, a Luxury car, an Office of Approx. 1700 sq. with a Personal Assistant, a Driver, 4 Travel tickets (10 nights & 11 days)

Membership Promotion & Incentives

  • 1. Products are based on purchase price.
  • 2. Sharon-Rose/Star Master
    Travel Tickets: *$1,000 eq/person
  • 3. Royal/Crown/Imperial Master
    Travel Tickets: *$4,000 eq/person
  • 4. Car rental fee: *$1,000 eq/month
  • 5. Crown Master Luxury Car: *$64,000
  • 6. Imperial Master Luxury Car: *$78,000
  • 7. Studio apartment rental: *$2,500 eq/month
  • 8. Assistant salary: *$1,500 eq/month,
    Driver Salary: *$2,000 eq/month
  • 9. Laptop computer or tablet: *$650

* Dollar amounts are estimates and may be subject to change based on currency exchange rate.

Education Commission (Center Commission)

  • 6% of a Center’s total PV is paid to the applicable Center to cover operational expenses.
    ※ The total amount of commission to members cannot exceed 35% of total sales income.
    All calculation of commissions and bonus are automatically set to this limit.

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